Doing the hard work that your engineering team doesn't have time for. We create technical publications for the aviation industry:

  • Logistics Analysis (MTA, MSG-3)
  • Maintenance Manuals (AMM, CMM, IPC, etc)
  • Pilots Manuals (AFM/POH, QRH, etc)


What is STE?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Simplified Technical English (STE).  It is a growing specification that technical writers in the aviation industry are required to use in order to communicate more clearly, with brevity and helps the English language translate more easily into other languages.  Make sure that you go to the ASD-STE100 website for more in depth information as this page seeks to help those already in the industry find tools, software and shortcuts to apply STE to their documents.  

Please feel free to contact us with any comments and be sure to check back frequently for updates as this page will continue to grow.

STE short list


STE short list

Feel free to print Fig. 1 as a printable short list for STE (issue 5).  A printable short list for issue 6 will be created soon.

Fig 1. STE Short List (issue 5)